Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can't we pretend we're in love, just for tonight?

"you are the dreamer and we are the dream"

Currently on the phone with Maggy, potong line orang nk blog... -,- Now the boy ajak pegi massage... hahaha.. x) But not going, I want to blog.

Anyways, let me continue where I left off. Sunday night, went to eat or lepak or something like that, then went to the padang in front of the boy's house and enjoyed the night; watching the cats chase each other and listening to flutterby sing. And then the boy came, tido kejap kt padang (that boy can sleep ANYWHERE I tell you), and left for futsal. It was an interesting game to watch. x) Flutterby terbaik, did a pinball action with fatriff's head. HAHAHA. After futsal, we went home.

Monday was DeeDee's convo. Congrats youuuuuuuuu!!! you know I love you sister. Finally got her degree, she's now considering a second degree... so good luck with that. After the convo, chilled at home with my fam then went out to makan at Idaman with flutterby and the boy. Lepas makan pegi rumah Maggy, ingat nak ajak kuar, but she cannot. So we went OU nak catch a movie but there was nothing worth watching. So them boys went foos while I watched. Then it was home.

Yesterday the boy woke me up, picked me and flutterby up then went to lunch at McD. Then pegi amik Maggy, lepak at the mamak, then sent her home because the boy has to go jamming. Me and flutterby tagged along to the studio. I got pictureeeeeeessss!




HAHA! I malas nk rotate, so korg tgk je lah senget-senget okay?

Anyways, later we(me, flutterby, the boy, OrangeJuice, and budak skate) went to eat at Uptown. Then we went home. :) I love you boys.

Today, the boy woke me up again. -,-........ After he's done seeing Maggy, he came to pick me up and we went to makan. Then he sent me home. Now the boy is out somewhere getting a massage and I'm home waiting for someone to ask me out. Later they're futsal-ing, hopefully with Maggy's brother, gosh i miss you budak. So I'm seeing them boys and Maggy later, very much looking forward to that.


maaf post x berapa cantik, budak skate is on the way to pick me up. We're dinnering, wheeee.

Oh hm, I'll leave you guys with this:


comel kan?(maaf camera x berkualiti)

"I could write it better than you ever felt it"

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