Sunday, April 20, 2014

기억. 윤하. 타블로.

My eyes, my ears, my hands,
My face, my lips, my heart, my soul
remembers you.

그가 미소지어도
내 눈은 그대 그대가 웃고있죠
그와 손을 잡아도
내 손은 그대 그대 손을 느끼죠

내 맘은 그댈 지웠는데
심장은 그댈 비웠는데
분명히 그댈 지웠는데 아직까지도 안돼

이젠 시간이 그대의 모습을 지우고
그대로 가득했던 내 맘을 비워도
내 몸이 그댈 내 몸이 그댈 기억해
(난 기억해 아직까지도 난 그대와)

함께 웃고 있는 사진을 치우고
그대로 가득했던 심장을 비워도
(심장을 비워도)
내 몸이 그댈 기억해
내 몸이 그댈 기억해

지워질수록 선명해지는 그 기억
미워질수록 때눈처럼 다가와 그 기억
내 몸속에 숨을 쉬는가 언제쯤
어둠속에 눈을 감을까 어쨌든
앞을 걸어가도 너 뒤 돌아서도 너

그의 품에 안겨도
내 몸은 그대 그대만을 느끼죠
그와 함께 걸어도
두 발은 그대 그대와 멈춰있죠 

내 눈엔 그대만 보여
아직도 그대 향한 눈물이 고여
두 손엔 그대만 느껴
수갑처럼 그대와의 기억에 묶여
그저 스쳐지나가는 인기척에서도 그대의 기억
아직도 그대 때문에 미쳐 because
내 몸이 그댈 기억해
아직도 그댈 기억해
내 몸이 그댈 비워도 (그대를 지워도)
내 모든게 널 기억해.

'I love you'

'I love you' is not something that I find easy to express to people I have definite love for.
People I love deeply can attest to how rare it is that I vocalise my love for them.

But in the face of new life and probable death,
Upon hearing your loved one, on the phone, holding their breaths in an attempt to will the pain away,
My brain and my heart came together,
And my tongue slipped the 3 words as easily as a skier cruising down a steep slope of snow,
Sliding on my tongue and out my lips,
Conveying my love,
Moving beyond the telephone wires that kept us apart,
Reaching the heart of my loved one at the other end of the line.

"I love you, I love you, I love you"

I cannot seem to say it enough.

I love you.
Be safe.

I love you.
I'll see you soon.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

Friday, April 18, 2014


It's almost 4 in the morning and sleep has eluded me once again. Lying awake in my bedroom, looking out the window.

What a surprise.

There is a star in sight. One tiny blinking ball of light. I don't remember the last time I looked up the sky and saw stars. One star in the not so dark sky.

I'd like to say I hate the light pollution but I am afraid of the dark. This star must be an incredibly bright one to beat all the odds and shine in the illuminated city sky.

I never knew I'd feel this good seeing a star.

아, 살아있네.
I feel alive.

Also. Making a point to incorporate as much 한글 in my life as I can or learning the language will go to waste.

Need to be properly trilingual before I start learning another language.

Mastering at least 6 languages is one of my life goals. Yes, I am a simple person with simple goals.

Sleep well.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friends who fly together, stick together.
Just missing our jet setting days.


K. Not jet setting but we did fly some.

P.s. He could afford a private jet if he wanted to. God knows he flies around enough to justify needing one.

Rindu pula.

oxymoronous git.

Constantly in awe at how different a person seem when you don't know them.
How people you cherish now were once strangers.
Strange strangers.

How perception dictates the way you feel
About a person
About love
About life.
Getting to know something deeply will alter the reality of it.
Not one person perceives another in exactly the same way.
How I see things are not how anyone else would.
How you see life will never be precisely how I see it.
I guess
I guess
Reality is merely fiction.
Because you cannot trust how your mind, your heart choose to see things.

Reality is fiction.
Not that it matters.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The landslide brought me down.

So in the mourning, I'll rise.
In the mourning I'll let you die.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Give me your filth,
Make it rough.
Let me, let me..
Trash your love.

Miss Missing You.

Sometimes before it gets better,
The darkness gets bigger,
The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger.
We're fading fast,
I miss missing you now and then.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My darlings,

Killing my darlings.
Writing new darlings.
Here's a snippet.
Snip. Snip.

"That's when I knew I loved her, when I realised we were sharing the same reality. People called us delusional, they told us we were hallucinating; a serious case of folie à deux. But we don't care what people think, they are the crazy ones. Not us."


Greedy and tiny.

Mosquitos. I hate mosquitos.
Blood bandits that leave you itchy and red.
Mosquitos, you are not welcomed to harvest my blood.
I have spilled too much in my lifetime to spare some for you.

I once had a greedy mosquito suck my blood.
Once it started, it didn't stop.
The little fucker ended up bloated with my blood.
It's abdomen see-through from accommodating the amount of blood it's ingested.
I blew on it.
It stopped sucking.
I blew on it some more. A little harder this time.
It rolled down from my leg and fell to the floor.
It exploded.

Mosquito carcass and a tiny splatter of my blood.
It was quite an exquisite sight.

Art can be found in the weirdest places.
Art can be found in the tiny explosion of a greedy insect.