Monday, April 12, 2010

Weeks go by like days..

True to the title... these past few weeks have been passing me by like days. I've had a bunch of days when I felt "wasn't it just yesterday that I did ____" but in reality it was like a few weeks ago. Anyways, this past few weeks have been nothing short of great... What with Sayang being like the ultimate boyfriend ever and my friends being all nice to me. Life's been great.

Today Akmal, Man and Fooza came to visit me at work. :D I loveeeeeee. They drove all the way from Setiawangsa just to surprise me okay. We had a good talk, tapi, seriously tak puas. So I hope I'm gonna be seeing them soon. But Man's going back to Segamat on wednesday and Fooza's classes at Taylors are starting again next week. Missed Sham, he didn't come.. Was stuck in his short sem. Mehh. So, I pun tak tahu la when's the next time I get to see them.

Then the boyfriend wanted to come with Encik Addin Perosak Tali Guitar Orang. But, he heard that I had friends with me... So tak jadi. I miss you baby. :(

Later pulak, Haziq came with Ya Nadiraaaa. And it was weird, considering I don't think I've ever sat down with Ya and Haziq together. Just us. Had a talk about a bunch of people, then, Ya, who was grounded (HAHAH) had to go home and Haziq had to go be gay and watch a movie berdua duaan with another guy.

OH and Sabrina wore the dress we went to look for together hari tu! My gooooodness her legs are like damn panjaaaaaaaaaang. The short skirt made 'em look even the more panjang. So prettyy. But she tak sesuai la pakai make up :( She looks so much better au naturale. I must keluar and lepak with her one of these days. Then Naz passed his driving test today, so when he gets his new car, I wanna go lepak with him. Bring him go shisha at mentari, suruh bawak Saiful and kawan kawan mereka... Nak sayang? (:

I should be finishing my RSC essay la actually right now.. But I am like damn malas. Why lah. -.- Pretty sure, I've got more important things to tell.. But can't think of any right now. Untill next time. love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Ku janjikan aku ada'

"I'm becoming amazed how, you're quite affectionate in public"

It's been very good lately I can't help but feel very afraid that things are going to go wrong, big time, soon. I mean, people just don't get to be this happy and not have to face serious consequences.

Tonight was great, really Sayang, I love you too. You are the greatest (: Pretty glad to spend the majority of the night with you, I mean, just you and me and our hearts beating as one, the night was perfect. (jiwang sangat yang? (x ) Here's tonight's letter to you... And yes, this time you boleh senyum sorang sorang sebab if you're reading this then most likely I tak ada dengan you. Ngeeee~

I am starting to notice how when describing you, describing us, my words tend to sound like I am living in a fairytale. But believe me Sayang, no one else has ever made a fairytale come true for me like you have. I love it, lying in bed, not doing anything, but just lying there, me in your warm embrace, completely immersed in our love for each other.

You have absolutely no idea, how much I wanted to cry and burst out in happiness hearing you say the words I have only imagined a lover would say to me (and yes, you make me just as happy, love). I felt like I could implode and explode at the same time from pure happiness. Trust me when I say, I wish that I could just lie there, in your arms, forever. You might not be able to see my face within these words that I've written, but believe me, I'm smiling like I have never smiled before, my face, completely radiating with joy.

I would love to wake up next to you every morning, love. See you still fast asleep, face all serene, then me going to the kitchen making you your morning coffee, slightly sweeter than mine (because you like your coffee sweet) then eating breakfast in front of the telly. You know honey, it's because of moments like this, I know everything that I have sacrificed getting here, was worth it. Every single tear, and sleepless nights, all insignificant compared to the reward that I get for having the guts to kiss you that night. To make the night all the better, you remembered the date you so casually asked me to be with you, even when I don't (:

My dearest Aiman Danial, yes, I am madly in love with you too. And I almost believed that you do love me more, until I realised that it's impossible for you to love me, more than I love you. Thank you for the song Sayang. I love you, like a lot. Like plenty. And definitely for forever. Lover or not.

I know you don't like to read Sayang, but it means a lot when you read my letters. I love you. Thanks for being the best, thank you for always being there. I guess we really can't fight fate, I'd be more than happy to be spending the remainder of my life with you. You know I need you just as much as you need me (it explains how we stay friends even after everything we have been through kan?). I love you.

Friends who are reading this and regretting they did sebab terlalu sappy and jiwang, blame the boyfriend, he's just too lovely. Hehe.

Untill next time, with much love.

"Aku mau mendampingin dirimu, aku mau cintai kekuranganmu. Selalu bersedia bahagiakanmu, apa pun terjadi, kujanjikan aku ada"