Sunday, June 7, 2009

In this world,

"Can you feel it? Rushing through your hair, rushing through your head"

No matter how hard they try
And no matter how loud they cry
They can't, buy their way into heaven
No matter how hard they try
And no matter how high they climb up the ladder
They won't reach up into heaven

(takde kena mengena dengan benda di atas)

Bestfriend, I love you.
Let me tell you about the first time I met her.
We were 9(or 10 was it?), It was the first day of school and macam biasa, budak ni datang lambat. Dan dan the seat next to me was empty, so dia pun duduk lah next to me. I remember her mother wearing that weird tudung thingy *hahaha* tunggu kat luar pintu belakang kelas. We weren't best of friends lagi masa tu, but we were friendly enough when we sat next to each other. Kita bising like nobody's business sampai Puan Noriza marah2. But after that year, kita tak kawan dah, truth be told, I even forgot she exist. Tapiiiii, fast forward to 3(or 2) years after that, we became friends again... I didn't like her at first (you curi my then bestfriend! hahaha) but ntah macam mana, perempuan ni memang tak boleh nak ditinggalkan once you dah kawan dengan dia.

Even when we went to different schools, we kept our friendship going with countless sleepovers, and gazillion phone calls. Aku saaaayang kau :)... In 2007 she transferred to my school and as fate would have it, kita sama class. Sampaaaaaaaiii sekarang. Well sekarang tak sama class lah, budak pandai mesti lah duduk pure science.

Anyways, we've had our ups and downs and the tumbling arounds. But our friendship is stronger than ever. We may not be the average couple, but then again who wants to be? We are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to interesting and fun and bitchy and more pukimak than the rest of you to be just average. We have our differences, kita BANYAAAAK differences, but that is what makes you and me so interesting kan kawan?

Even if we do end up going our separate ways, I'll never, never forget the memories that we share (even if kau tak ingat, you amnesiac bitch), like the night at DJ *hahahahhaah*, like the times kau kentut, like the time when we smoked in the toilet and spent hours trying to get the smell out, like the time when that one person nak panjat rumah, like when we gaduh masa kt sentul time bulan puasa, like Jai Ho :DDDD, like masa kita pergi tengok concert sama2, our OTH night(s), like when I was having a rough time and you stayed on the phone with me just to listen, like when I got all picky with food kat BB and we ended up walking from one end to the other in the rain....Good times, good times.

All the times you've put up with me, all the times you helped me through, I cannot thank you enough. I'm sorry if I haven't been a good friend, or if I failed to make you smile when you're down, or if I couldn't see through the fake smile you wear, or if I forgot to ask you about your day, or if I tak terbayar-bayar lagi hutang, or the times when I wasn't there to protect you from harm, or when I'm a bitch... truly I'm sorry. God knows how much I love you, and no matter what happens with us after this, I'll always love you. I promise I'll give the most kick ass speech at your wedding and beat up everyone and anyone that hurt you physically or mentally or emotionally. I'll take a bullet, push you out of harms way and kill for you(if the need requires it) in less than a heart beat. Even if we grow apart, you can always count on me to be there for you. Be it 10, 20 years in the future, I promise you, whatever you need, I'll do my best to provide.

Bestfriend, I love you and know that you can always, always count on me. You and me, we homies. We're thicker than blood and you know it. Aku sayang kau and aku akan sampai bila-bila sayang kau, ingat tu.

Nauwar @ Magnolia @ Maggy @ Sapphy bt Ahmad Shukri, this I promise you, a friendship worth a lifetime(and hopefully afterlife jugak).
Anything you need, anytime.






"Graduate, paper chase, we'll get out of this place"

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  1. we were nine dude. :D
    aku sayang kau lg banyak :P