Friday, June 26, 2009

We hope that your rules and wisdom choke you,

"I'm just a painter and I'm drawing a blank"

Soooo, went to watch Transformers 2:Revenge Of The Fallen on Tuesday. TERBAIIIIIIIIIIIKKKKKK!!!


Went to watch with them boys (minus 3 of them) and the rest of they're friends. Thanks for having me you guys. :) I give Transformers 2 a 9.3 over 10. Walaupun pada hakikat sebenarnya, you get quite tired by the animations halfway through the movie and that it doesn't really have a strong storyline and and your butt gets quite numb for sitting still for so long. But apa apa lah. We went for the first showing. :D After the movie, went to Uptown to eat. I had rojak buah (that everyone ate.. especially si Herri yg basically was licking the freakin plate) and SmallFeet belanja me Kuey Teow yang I tak habis pun.... bazir je. Then the boy sent me home and they went to dota. '-,-

You would have to pardon the quality of the camera. It's not usually this crappy.



Last night I saw El Cantante which means *i think* The Singer. Jennifer Lopez cun la teramat sangat in that movie. Marc Anthony played Hector REEEEEALLY well.


Since it's summer, there's countless of movies out there yang saya NAAAAAAAK sangat tengok. Anyone nak pegi tengok Public Enemies dengan saya?


Toodles noodles.

"If we could make it through the night, we'll see the sun"

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