Wednesday, June 3, 2009

apocalypse please?

"Let me feel, I don't care if I break down"

Promises. So easy to make, yet so difficult to keep.

You see, there are SO MANY people out there I know and I know of that make promises with absolutely no intention of keeping them. There are a few types of people that make fake promises:

-Some make promises just so that they can get whatever it is that they want right at that moment.

-Some make promises to get away from something.

-Some make promises so that they can make it through whatever it is that they have to go through.

-Some make promises just to hurt others when they don't fulfill their promises.

People are idiots. And tonight, there were some in my presence. Idiots. -,-

I know Q merapu. Biar.

So tadi them boys futsal, without Maggy's brother, from 12 till like 2. We went to makan then went home. Now I'm online. Gila tak ada life kan? -,- Saya macam tu lah. Nak buat macam mana.

Some stuff happened, will not talk about here or to anyone else pun in that case, except bestfriend. Takde benda pun 'stuff' tu, saja nak buat macam ber-drama. Heh.

Anyways, two person hooked up in the last week. I'll leave you guys with pictures... if you care to, do guess (or not, this is an easy one):



Purposely chose the unclear pictures. Tiada mood lah. Night fuckers.

PS: budak skate will now be known as SmallFeet (he chose this nick, go figure)

"Say goodbye to the hearts you broke, and the cyanide you drank"

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