Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's see the secrets that you keep.

"Sometimes we take chances, sometimes we take pills"

Let me tell you what I did today, Fatriff ajak us all dinner at Idaman,all showed up except the boy, who has to go jamming(he's performing this saturday) and Sloppy DS, who has exams soon(good luck dude!). Thanks Fatriff, belanja kita semua.

(: Met Jasmine, the ex of SmallFeet. Very, very cun.

We, being OrangeJuice, SmallFeet and I wanted to catch a movie... but them other boys, Fatriff, flutterby and WanWan (maaf tiada idea untuk soubriquet yang baik), wanted to go jamming. So in the end we went to watch them jam. But then we got tired watching so we(the ones that wanted to watch a movie) went Uptown and minum. There, the boy came. I left with the boy to the usual mamak. Lepas segelas air, OrangeJuice sent me home. Terima kasih mamat berbaju hawaii. :D

Anyways, a week or so ago flutterby talked to me about 'the thing'... No, not the one from marvel comic's Fantastic Four, 'the thing' he was referring to was that one special thing or person everyone has that assures their happiness. Like the boy has Maggy and vice versa, like my dad has politics, like DeeDee has Juju, like Rynna has Fave Niece One, like... you get the picture. I'd like to honestly say that mine is music, but really it isn't. Flutterby thinks(well, i think he thinks) that I got mine, but I blew it. He thinks mine was Boy One... but I don't think so. Maggy thinks it's a good thing that I don't depend on one thing to make me happy, but I think otherwise. I believe that having a person or just something that assures your happiness, is just divine. I mean, I.. we (flutterby and I) are always in search for something that can make us truly happy, compare that search to knowing what makes you happy and actually getting it is so much better don't you think? I want to say that it doesn't matter that I haven't found the source of my eternal happiness, but really I do. You see, I don't think I've ever been truly, TRULY happy and that in itself is just..... sad. But I also don't want to spend my lifetime searching for something that I don't know for sure is there for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for my sins, but I read a line somewhere once that says 'you aren't being punished, you just haven't been rewarded yet', I hope that's true. Because I'd llike to think that there is something, somewhere out there that holds the key to my eternal happiness, my 'thing', my one and only.

I have faith, I think you should too flutterby.

*smiles* Remember dude, it rains hardest on those who need sunshine most. And besides, should anything go wrong in your life,all of your lives, I'll have your back... anytime.

much love,


"Don't tell us how it ends because we're the ones who wrote the end"

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