Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't lose your heart, you'll need it.

"You'll have to take another pill, and tell another lie and lie amongst your lies"

Yngwie Malmsteen is THE SHIT!!! *clears throat* pardon me.

I slept for more than 12 hours yesterday.... YAYYY! I have been sleeping for less than 3 hours at night for the past week. But yesterday's sleep totally made up for it. Wheeeeee~

Before I tell you guys anything, happy birthday twins, you're 19 this year. (:

Oh, em, I was watching twilight(yes, saya tengok twilight. Gelak lah.) with my brother tadi... We barely tengok a quarter pun, my brother terlalu tak suka. Anyways, when we were watching the scene where Edward walked out of the office, my brother went "What The HECK!" in Indian slang. Hahaha. Bangang punya adik. *okay, that was funnier when it happened. -,-*

Okay so, last Saturday I woke up pagi2 pegi skolah sebab Guides ada camp for 3 days. The seniors didn't have to sleep there but we went everyday to over see the activities. Anyways, after lunch we (The Boy, Maggy, SmallFeet and I) went to CapSquare for Rockaway. The crowd was okay and there were smelly, sweaty people everywhere. Maggy got me a bag there! But since SmallFeet had to go Tahlil we balik and reached DU by like 5-ish macam tu. Went to Devi's Taman Tun to eat, and then The Boy sent me home so I can shower and get ready for MK Night pulak. Around 9, left the home for MK Night with Mags... The Boy drove. MK Night pun okay lah, Maggy and I painted our faces! :) I painted her's and she painted mine. I freestyled the design on Mags face, so the result was weird. Left for home at around 11.30..

Later, laaaaater that night SmallFeet called. I was hungry so we decided to go makan. Thanks SmallFeet! We didnt know where to eat, so after isi minyak and much talk... we settled for Idaman. Had a very nice talk with SmallFeet. I didn't know I could be so talkative and comfortable around you dude. Left for home at around 3 plus. Balik tak tido, left home early for Z's sports day then went to Guides Camp and was there untill 5 petang.

Pastu at home, around 6-ish I went to sleep... ingat nak bangun malam sikit but tengok2 it was already tomorrow morning. So that's how I spent my weekend.

Oh and by the way, Haikal's being quarantined... Kawan dia, Benjamin is positive for H1N1. Fuck. Should Haikal be positive too (and let's pray dia tak), I would also be quarantined. :/ Gosh, babi, babi.

Leaving with pictures:

From Camp:






That's Ra. (:

From CapSquare:


I reaaaaaaaally like this picture. (:



Please excuse our retarded faces. -___________-

P.S. : I heard something happened last night? :( Don't lose yourself dude.

"Always searching for something he can't find, Always hoping someday fate'll be kind"

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