Sunday, May 31, 2009

Only when I sleep, I hear you breathe.

"malas nk letak lyrics, sungguh tak ada mood."

Yesterday was yesterday and today is still today. (apa ni Q????)

I memang tak ada mood nak update, but somehow feel like I HAVE to. So I'll just tell you guys briefly lah ye?

Saturday: Lunch dengan the boy, then Maggy datang, I balik and tercari2 baju untuk party. Later, pegi party(lambat, thanks you guys), then balik awal(also thanks you guys), went to OU, hoping to catch a movie, but ramai sangat orang so went to Idaman... makan, borak and I threw out flutterby's Winston... (maaf sangat2, I'm not very good with face to face apologies), then Maggy fell asleep so we went home. HAH, macam la korang tido pon, duduk dalam kete berborak sikit. Gosh you people, you have a lifetime to talk to each other, perlu pukul 2 pagi ke nak berborak?

Sunday: Bangun tengah hari, went to a wedding, starbucks then home. Boring, I know. But the day is still young(?), so we'll see where tonight'll take me.

PS: anyone knows where I can find a carousel around here?

"the post is as colourless as my heart is"

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