Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's like finding something pretty in a jar of lies.

"I'm an addict for dramatics, I confuse the two for love."

I'm all emo(Q lame, lame, lame), down in the dumps and moody like you've never seen me moody before. No worries, I've got it all swept under the blanket... for now. So before i get all emo on all of you, let me just tell you what i did today.

Woke up, then mother was all bitchy, drama here, drama there. conclusion: i was too drained to go to school and went back to bed. Meaning, I missed the final paper which was Science Paper One. *sighs* Lagi satu fail Q. Woke up at 12 something, had coffee, then went to school. GILA APA MISS MY CLASS PHOTO SESSION?! Hahahaha. But I felt like shit, and i think that feeling pretty much showed on film. I look like a fucking ass now thanks to that... woman. And then ada Jai Ho, heh, dance practice for our little dance performance on friday. Patutnya until five, but towards four, there were only a few of us left. OrangeJuice called, so we (Maggy and I) left with him to ou, after he dropped me home to change out of my sweat drenched clothes. Flutterby, OrangeJuice and I saw Night At The Museum 2.


6 1/2/10

The Boy went to send Maggy home(she tak suka Ben Stiller), and then joined us a quarter way through the movie. Oh oh, thank Ex for letting us in for free. (:

Oh lupa, before the movie, me and Maggy went to look for food. Got us a couple of whole chicken legs (hers was Teriyaki, mine was Blackpepper), some criss cut fries and Cheese & Mushroom sausage. (benda tak penting yang saja nak bagitau) What I wanted to say was, we ate like a couple of barbarics. Imagine two girls on a bench eating whole chicken legs with our hands. Hahahaha. Barbaric en?

Anyways, after movie, left with The Boy and Flutterby for dinner at Wendy's KD and then went to look for charcoal for The Boy's shisha place. Why am I telling you this? I also tak tau why. Then lepak for like a really, really short while because Flutterby and I wanted to go home. The Boy and I got to talk for a bit, sumpah, dua2 blur gila sampai conversation jadi retarded. Home afterwards.

Then onlineeeee, sampai sekarang.
Sangat lah tak ada life saya ni.

Next post, emo post. Tak nak baca pun takpe. I just have to let some of my shitty-ness out.

"I'm just a happy mess. Intrusive and arrogant"

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