Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was a:
fantastic, fabulous, amazing, dream-like, crazy, fun, awesome, great,magnificent, excellent, amusing, entertaining, funny, joyful, playful, idiotic, insane, maddening, silly...

That's as far as my vocab capability goes without looking at the thesaurus or dictionary. heh.

I love you people for making this day so, so, SO GILA BABI BEST.


I love, love, LOVE today. And even if I still have those problems breathing down my back... at least, I forgot them for a while.

Bestfriend, I love you and you know that.

Those other couple of people, the ones I hugged yesterday, I love you both too. Don't leave.

I need all of you, all of you including the much needed boy, the one that flutters by, the matang, the fat drummer, the skinny, the brothers and anyone synonymous to you guys. Don't leave me, not again. Never again.

As gay as I say this, and I don't even care if it's not my place to say it... I love you guys and it's as simple as that. Friends.

Maaf, Q emo. Please don't repeat this post in front of me. I love you guys. and that one special girl. *winks*

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