Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good Morning Earth, The World Says Hello.

“It helps to write it down, even when you then cross them out”
Hi, nice to meet you. And a special hello to Maggy, who’s probably the one (and only) person that would bother to read about things she herself probably know already. Nevertheless, let me introduce myself. Let’s start with the common things; I’m a seventeen year old girl, I believe in God, I can’t drive (yet), I like coffee, I can’t sing, I can’t play any musical instruments, I’m a sucker for sandwiches and peanut butter, I love to write, history and the English language fascinates me to no end, I have a passion for literature and (as clichéd as this is) music is my heart and soul. Next, my physical aspects; I’m short, I don’t have mountains growing on my chest(heh), I have black, middle length hair and I pretty much look like every other seventeen year old teenage girl.
Mentally, I’m quite stable. Note the word ‘quite’.
My life is… basically nothing special but I love it anyways, thanks to all the psychos(you know who you are), the dejected mad caps and the ones that come and go. Oh and, call me Q (thanks for the soubriquet Maggy). (: And thank YOU *points finger at your direction*, for spending an infinitesimal time of your life here. I’m all smiles.
“Just so you know you’ll never know”

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