Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh baby here comes the sound,

"can't wait for tomorrow, I might not have that long"

This'll just be a brief post. My eldest sister, Rynna, is here with her small fam. Fave Niece One keeps me very occupied. Today I had Accounts Paper One which was more bearable than the fucking Paper Two. I also had History Paper One which was also bearable. I'm pretty sure I don't know any of the answers, but hopefully luck's on my side. Then, the bell rang and school ended. Sampai2 rumah had to look after my niece and layan my sister. -,-" Lebih kurang an hour after that, naik tgk my phone, plenty of misscalls and a lot of messages. Apparently, The Boy and Flutterby went to my school to pick me up for lunch, not knowing that I leave school from the back gate. I heard you guys went home hungry.... Sorry boys. :

Went to Tropicana City Mall with Rynna's fam to teman them grocery shopping for a bit then went home. Rynna cooked Nasi Ayam (mind you, she makes the best Nasik Ayam in the world). Aaaah, finally a home cooked meal. Thanks sis, I do love you. Mother had to ruin our day, will talk about that next time because talking about it now will just make me feel a lot worst. (oh bestfriend, I need you now).

On a brighter note, i found out who Tony Jaa is! Ok lah, ok lah... Q noob. X kenal Tony Jaa, jd bahan korg malam tadiiiiiiiiiii!!! Mana la i tau mamat Ong Bak tu nama engliiiiiiiiiiiiiiissh!!! -,-" Yes, Q still noob anyhow. In case you guys want to know who Tony Jaa is, here's a pic (no, he's NOT attractive):


Sooo, itu lah dia. The Tony Jaa that made me look like an idiot(more so than I already do) for a night. *sighs*

Oh erm, Flutterby, if you're reading this. Nnti nk kuar let me know, msg la guna your mom's hp ke apa. After what I went through with my mother, I need a cigarette or two or fourteen. So, please... ajak ah OrangeJuice (heh, OJ) bawak i kuar. Pleaseeeeeee. And jangan lupa bawak DVD...!

"Your love is a verb here in my room"

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  1. awww, OrangeJuice! suka gila! xD
    sorry I was a prick today (andeveryotherday) *muka tunduk mulut komot komot* Sayang awak.