Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are you gonna fight, or just stand there and bleed?

"my angel wings were bruised and restrained"

Maggy's been going on and on and on about how good Jane Eyre is... so i thought just for the sake of competing, I'd finish reading Wuthering Heights. i re-read it from the beginning, yes, I am weird like that. One of the earlier chapters of Wuthering Heights gave me fucking nightmares, stupid six-year old Cathy!

Anyways, I had Economics Paper One today that was suprisingly easy. I completed the whole thing in exactly 30 minutes. *yay ME!* Aside the examination, school was full of juicy gossips. HAHA. (Apa lah Q bazir masa bergosip benda2 x penting?)

Other than that, have you guys realised how HOT the weather's been? it's fucking murder to walk home from school just now i tell you. The fucking sun was glaring at all of us, it made me afraid of going to hell when I die, i mean after comparing the heat today to how hot it's gonna be in hell and all, gosh, takut.(I don't usually get scared of hell or death or anything synonymous to those things so, pelik la tu i takut -,-").

Speaking of murder kan, I might just commit a couple if those two asses don't stop yelling at me.(i don't mean to sound so disrespectful people).

Oh mm and, the heat made me think about Global Warming and that freaked me out a bit. I don't mind dying, but I'd hate to suffer before I do... lagi2 lah mati kepanasan. LAGI TAKNAK. And imagine those animals that would lose their habitats...... :( Humans have lived on this Earth for approximately 200, 000 years but yet we've managed to cripple, destroy and turn Earth into an ugly place. This fact makes so angry. *sighs*

So the next time you're about to leave your lights on, or your aircond on, think about these animals and hopefully you'll do your part in slowing down the process of Global Warming:

Photobucket Photobucket
Tiba-tiba Q menjadi environmental activist yang bersungguh-sungguh.
Fucking weirdo, how many causes do you want to fight for?
Next post, HIV/AIDS.
OH OH, before i leave.

"These charades won't last so pick a poison and pour yourself a cup"

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