Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christina Rosetti

"Remember me when I am gone away,
gone far away into the silent land,
when you can no more hold me by the hand,
nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay,
remember me when no more day by day,
you tell me of the future we planned:
only remember me you understand,
it will be late to counsel then or pray,
yet if you should forget me for awhile,
and afterwards remember, do not grieve,
for if darkness and corruption leave,
a vestige of the thoughts that I once had,
better by far you should forget and smile,
than that you should remember and be sad."

One my faves, don't you just love?
And then there's this one, the only one left with me:

"Malevolent words cannot begin to explain what I feel deep in the darkest corner of my heart,
one day these silent whispers will have their say... one day,
in the dark of the night, spiteful glares of the eyes illuminated by the beam of the moon,
they see everything but forced to borne the secrets and lies upon themselves;
for eyes do not speak of words.
Only the whispers speak... quietly.
Frightened of the outcome shall they spoke aloud,
frightened of the isolation shall they utter their thoughts.
These whispers, these eyes, wishes to liberate their inner judgement,
but not today, nerver today.
Maybe one day they'll have their say.
One day."

See if you can find out who wrote that.

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