Friday, July 31, 2009


"someone should have told her that pretty isn't a job"

Went out with Hazim, A. Lane, Mags, Haikal and Gaia last weekend. (Ya Allah. Last weekend ke lah tu babe??) We had a couple shisha's and tried smoking a cigar. The cigar tasted gross, don't know why Hazim chose to but the disgusting flavoured one.That was a good night, I can't wait for another night like that. Then the next day we(minus Gaia and Hazim) went to watch Half-Blood Prince with a couple other people. I wanna see A.Lane again, but since he's leaving toms, I don't think I'll be seeing him again anytime soon. And that about wraps up last weekend, although I feel like I've left out a lot of stuff.

This past week, my dad had a surgery. The doctor's cut him open in three different places. The surgery lasted for about 5 hours and that left me plenty of time to study math and add. math in the hospital's waiting room. Dad's now staying over at Rynna's for a while. This past week was also our July Tests... pretty shameful for me to admit that I think I did badly. fuck I need to study. Found out that trials are in less than a month.

This past week jugak, I saw Land of Lost with them boys. It was pretty funneh but won't be seeing it again and again. i also saw OrangeJuice's 'Macho' walk... that was a hilarious sight.

I'm pretty sure I left out A LOT of stuff. But I just can't figure out what.

Damn. Will update when I remember what is it that I need to let out.

PS:Pictures next time.

"I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you now"

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