Sunday, July 5, 2009

Give me a shot of Novocaine, I dare you.

" And you can't see me wanting you the way you want her"

I'm liking the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. NOT the KP500 Cookie. Gosh, I'm such a brat.

Anyway, first thing's first. Stop bothering me! Please stop texting/calling me. Don't go and pretend you accidentally sent those messages. Don't pretend to be one of your friends messing around with your phone. DUDE, I don't give a fuck. Sheeeeeesh. Oh and most definitely don't fucking video call me, like you did. Fucking sicko.

-.- Now my blog looks like one of those cinapek's blogs yang ada banyak-banyak posts of them bitching other people.

Anyways, what was last week? ohm, last week was the last week for a couple of them boys. One had to go back to JB, one had to go back to Perak. Thursday night, I saw Dan, OrangeJuice, The Boy, SmallFeet and Flutterby play tennis. That was funny. They played like monkeys (except Dan and OrangeJuice yang were pretty good).

Saturday, I went to VI Boy's coming home party thing. Dudeeee, tak sangka you drink and weed en? Nice. A huge thanks to BC for making sure I arrived home safe after I was no longer capable of walking on a straight line without falling face first into the ground. (Mags, that's where I got the bruise on my forehead. Heh.) It was a good party, but you shouldn't do another one soon, I have SPM. Tapi, lepas SPM... :D

Sunday, I was woken up by perempuan tu. Pukul SEBELAS PAGI on a SUNDAY mind you. Mags ajak pegi Cheer, so like the rocking friend I am, I pun mandi and head over to her place... with a MASSIVE headache. I have to say Cheer was not my scene at all, I was gloomy (and for some reason wanting to cry) nearly the whole time I was there. But, the cheerleaders that competed were awesome and watching them lifted my mood for a while. I reeeeeeally liked the all-boys cheer squad from Sri Kdu, Stunnerz. They were good, although it is pretty disturbing looking at guys do splits. *shudders* Did I mention, Aida was with us. Minah tu sangat lawak ;D . The Boy drove us home (he came later, later that day), but only after we had Cheese Naan at Restoran Jamek that was situated opposite of mines, across the railroads. Haha. By the way, Blitzerz of BUD4 menang! Itu sekolah lama Mags, so I'm happy for them.. they did really well. ;D

Oh oh , I had a few thoughts before I went to sleep last night...

-I never, NEVER want to be like my parents (maybe sikit takpe lah)

-I WILL do outstandingly well for SPM (I promise myself)

-I will try to remember God more

And then I started feeling nostalgic, so I flipped open my old photo album, and realised a couple things:

I can never be more grateful for you being such a huge influence in my life. You taught me so many things, led me to feel emotions I never knew existed and most importantly, you willingly loved me when I was at the worst physical and moral phase of my life. You might never know, realise or given a rat's ass about this but I'm thankful of how it all turned out, I truly am. Thank you for everything. I'll always love you, somewhat. (: (Ex, jangan perasan it's about you ye?)

And then there's Mags, dude, I love you. Though most of the time sekarang I'm always holding back tears because sometimes I cannot believe that one person can be so insensitive and most of the time jugak I rasa macam nak punch you in the face, so that you know that you cannot be like that to people, lagi2 I, yang sangat2 sensitive. Jangan la macam tu babe, what's wrong with being nice kan? Please don't drive me mad, don't drive me away. There is only so much I can take. But for now, I still love you though. :)

Actually the one on Mags is not a realisation, but I do hope she realises that she should treat other people better (realise & act on it ye kawan?). Maybe it's a lot to ask for knowing her, but babe, if people, namely me, can put up with your shit, you could at least be a little considerate eh? Jangan risau, me loves you.
Sorry for ranting on people.

"The angels just cut out her tongue"

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