Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rabies. babies. scabies?

"if I wake in the morning, I only need two more miracles to be a saint"

I absolutely love Oh Glory. I can't wait for New *something*... heh, tak ingat the title of the first single of p!atd's new

album. I have plenty to say, but not here. So i'm just gonna waste my time doing this.

I'm addicted to ______. I think I _______ _______. Maybe I'll never admit it but, I do love _________. I wish I had some ________ with me now. Do you think I'll ever ______ ________? I wish to _______ in ________. I'm addicted to the way I feel when I think of you. I like _________. I wish I had ________ and more _________. I will be more ________ by the ______ of the _______. I'm the stupidest one among all of you. I suck at ______. I love ________. I'll ________ you _________. Drinking beers, shooting ________.

Just some random shit I'd love to tell people but I won't . :*

I like one of the postsecrets this week. pegi lah tengok, and guess which one.

P.S. Mags, I hope the paper I gave you would help. Because both the prayers has helped me plenty. (:

"snorting cocaine, and drinking your pain"

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