Friday, July 10, 2009


Fuck people IT IS JUST HIGH SCHOOL PROM!!! Declare war lah, apa lah. fucking lunatic lah you people. Apa gila tiba-tiba semua orang semangat nak buat fucking prom nih? The only reason I'm still in the committe that I'm in is because my sister signed the fucking M.O.A... If the hotel comes after my family because of your fucking debts, I will fucking chase you and squeeze the fucking money out of you, you loser, fuck of an excuse for a person.


Pardon me, I was very angry. I don't really mean the mean things I said.. well, maybe a little. But I did mean it when I say that I'll chase after you if the hotel comes chasing after my sister... That is, if my sister is still the guarantor. I never know anything. It's called a fucking committee you fucking prick. Fuck.

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