Sunday, August 2, 2009

open happiness.

"sometimes I hide"

Let's start with a smile. *smiles widely baring my teeth*

so a friend asked me this really good question... if my life were to be made into a movie, which memory/event/whateveryouwannacallit would be the most important/memorable/whateveryouwannacallit scene? I couldn't answer, because I've been through so many things that i would want people to witness. But I loved his answer. We were at the padang in front of The Boy's house and he opened his arms wide, and said "All this" or something to that effect. Sometime in the night, he also went "those are my boys"(in a totally non-sexual, not gay,not gross kind of way) and smiled. I love those boys, I truly do even if they are *sort of* seasonal friends.

I treated them all(minus one) to a good dose of grass and then some. Truth be told, they don't need grass anymore, they are perfectly happy and joyous. You see, more often than not, they're happiness are dependant on the presence of another female companion... and since more than half of them has found their, shall we say 'significant other', they are (for the time being) happy. But I treated them to the grass anyway. It wasn't the best I've had, but it sure wasn't the worst.

After more than half of them went to Dota and Smallfeet went home... OrangeJuice and Wan ate and then Wan proceeded to send me home because OrangeJuice was all woozy. x)

I for about two hours before waking up at 10 the next morning because I promised Ra we'd go to the WorldStage roadshow together at Cineleisure. So left home at about 11++ and was at The Curve by 12. We had to wait for about an hour before the show started. Denise wasn't as tall as I thought she would be. O_______o As soon as the roadshow kicked off, we immediately got in the spirit of the whole thing(we wanted the tickets really baaaaaaaaaaaaad), and we entered the contest that needed us to be all excited and energetic because the people with most spirit and energy gets a sticker that ensures their spot in the moshpit. Well, long story short... Ra and I got moshpit passes. And it took less time than we thought it would. By the time we got the passes, it was only 2pm. We went for lunch, then an expensive dessert, then Ra went home and I went to see my sister to show her the passes.... I really wanted to brag to V, but she wasn't around. Ngeh. While I was walking towards the car, I bumped into K, weird boy I tell you. He carried our new timetable in his wallet. Stayed with him for a smoke then went off with The Boy.

Skip the boring parts of the evening.

Then went over to The Boy's house because it was Sam's birthday bbq. The chicken was real good and the home made choco cake or was it brownies(?) was delicious. Oh and the air sirap + whatever soda was really good too! Sam was so cute, all embarassed when we sang happy birhtday at the padang and he had to blow the candles (again, in front of friends pulak). Then the boys took him tengah2 padang and beat him up like what boys always do. I heard the Bush song, Playground and Raindrops last night......! :D So for now, I'm content with only listening to Pax. I went home early, while the boys all went Dota..... I needed sleep, I was so deprived of it so I went back home after I took in a few puffs of grass. Woke up late today with a really bad neck cramp thanks to that ass Herri *sticks tongue out*, True Blood marathon and now I'm blogging. What a life... not. x)

I'd put up pictures but the laptop's being a bitch. next time maybe?

I miss you babes. Mana hilang lah sial?

"you will burn in hell, for all the sins that you have done"

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