Monday, August 31, 2009


"His heart races faster just for her, why can't we be like we were?"

It's fucking two in the morning and I'm online. I'm so sick of this SEJARAH book. I think I might just puke if I tried to read it some more. *goes to keep sejarah book in the school bag*

Anywaaaays, I just suddenly felt the need to type so here I am, on fucking blogger. Sorry for all the cursing, i can't help it with my shit mood.

I have some stuff I need to get off my chest, if you know me, don't ask me about what I'm about to type out here. Sooo, today I wore my good bra. You know the kind that makes your tits look really cute. Why I chose to wear it today? Beats me. Wasn't like I was out to do anything that requires me to take off my shirt or was I? Hahaha. *graphic, I know. Sorry*

On other topics, i saw 'I Love You, Beth Cooper'. It was pretty good, not because the movie was actually that good but because it was all about, graduation and growing up and stuff. I'm in my senior year of high school kan? So it kinda makes me feel all 'awwww' inside thinking 'wow, I'm in that stage of my life'. There were two parts that I actually liked... 1. When the nerd was giving his valedictorian speech and 2. When the nerd's bestfriend said 'So I think I might be gay or bi'. love both scenes because it's so 'awww'. The movie itself, wasn't so good.

Oh, other things I had to let out was: Ah damn it. You're not _______ ___ anymore. That really hurts me, in such a way that I don't understand because it's just a goddamn ________. And then there's you. Why is it so wrong and so fucking awesome at the same time? Aaa, fuck. And it all went by in a dream like state, my mind was literally shut down when I did the things I did. Fuck it. Imma sleep now. Night fuckers.

PS: My hair smells like ________. I love/hate it.

"You greedy little thick ho, god I feel for you, fool"

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