Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I just won't make sense.

"hook me up a new revolution because this one is a lie"

Favourite quote of the day "Let's play Romeo and Juliet and fall in love just to die".

Did I tell you how much I love Teenagers by Hayley Williams? It's on the Jennifer's Body soundtrack... Actually, now that I think about it, I love all the songs on the soundtrack. It's all very high school, but I am in high school so it's appropos. xD

Why is it that I have a habit of going online at two in the morning? It's so annoying knowing that I have time to study accounts tommorow that I somehow refuse to study tonight. Ngeh. I don't really have anyhting to write.. I just want to. How about I talk about Agama Paper 1 tadi? Nahh, tak nak la. You people know how hard it was.

A friend e-mailed me this today after three years of silence. I just had to share it with you, her writing is just divine.

"you left the broken ones behind without glue or tape to fix ourselves, i found your photographs today and what was left of my unbroken tangle tore itself into pieces. there are photos of you smiling and photos where your hair is long and blowing back from your face and photos where you are being kissed and held and there is one where you are floating in a pool, defying gravity and burning like a peony in the sunlight.

there's a photo of you having a seizure and the whites of your eyes are like the bone china i haven't ever eaten off of, i flipped the picture over but it seared me like a brand, seared me like a scar. hundreds of photographs are on the counter, ones in frames and ones that have been torn at the edges like you are trying to escape your destiny.

you are haunted you are haunting you are hunted. you left her bruised and raw enough to drip blood on the floor, you left her behind pulled curtains and i can't seem to unfasten the latch on her windows for fear she will jump.

you left him angry, i wear his hands around my neck instead of a collar to remind us that i am no one's animal, i am no one's property but he keeps trying to contain me all the same. you left me longing for someone i can't quite seem to find, because you are elusive, long hair in the wind, feet buried in sand, that half smile, those eyes, seared bone white and eggshell broken to the back of my eyelids, a reminder that you shouldn't twist out of fate like cigarette smoke because everyone ends up with burnt fingers anyway."

Fuck en? :)

So I just wasted an hour online, doing nothing... Like whoah, I need sleep. Night people. (:

"Just take off your wings, they could never get you quite as high as I did. And you know it."

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