Saturday, September 12, 2009

We don't fight fair.

"I've got to breathe, you can't take that from me"

I still can't decide if Tyson Ritter is hot or not. Yes, I realise the topless picture tu macam geli sikit, but I still rasa he looks hot beneath all the geli. -.- See the whole shoot here.

I heard Here We Go Again (the album not the single) by Demi Lovato is supposed to be really good. Hm, I might go check it out.. I already love, yes love, the song. It's so catchy, although I must say... I don't like Demi Lovato's face. That's uncalled for, haha.

I got stuff to say, but have now lost the mojo to write since I've been reading CynideandHappiness for the past two hours.. haha. x) Off to spend another hour on Cynide and Happiness, then add math babi.... then baru tido. Hopefully before ten lah. Tak nak bangun petang2 sangat.

Morning peeps. :)

"My name is never was, my name's forgotten"

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