Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have..

been spamming twitter too much that I feel like I should just blog. Complaining about things actually. I'm getting that starry bag and the black ribbon bag. But I found TWO Versace skinny jeans that I completely fell in love with. Also TWO Guess skinny jeans that I really, really want. Total price for everything: RM 333. I KNOW! CRAZY CHEAP RIGHT??? ALL brand new pulak tuuu and original. Thing is, I just spent a hefty amount of money and like nak spend lagi 300 bucks memang tak laaaaah. So now, I'm just getting those two bags. :( Stupid economy. (babi, now I sound terlebih gedik).

Anywaaaays, it was a good day. I love those people. Tropicana City Mall soon guys? x) Can't wait to see Sherwin on Friday, he's a got a little something something for us. HAHAHAHA.

Oh and fave quote of the day *tee hee x)* "Take good care of my heart because I've left it with you." HAHAH. You know who you are sengal.

Gonna sambung add math now. Toodles.

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