Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Had good coffee today.

My friend brought me to lunch at her friend's house today. It was nice. Her friend cooked a feast. Halfway through the meal her husband asked to be excused. When he left, the wife (my friend's friend) started crying.

It was that special kind of crying, where your tears just flow silently in a steady stream. I didn't understand.

Their baby started crying in the room above, but no one seemed to notice. We ate our food and my friend continued to chatter cheerfully. It was a bizarre scene. I finished my food just as the baby stopped crying.

After lunch she served us coffee. I had two cups. The coffee was divine but the conversations were awkward. No one seemed to pay attention to what they or anyone else was saying. I sat quietly savoring my coffee. We left not long after that, her husband never returned.

On our way back my friend told me he was in the back shooting up.

I had no idea heroine addicts could look so well put together.

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