Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to get serious.

For the holidays, I thought I was gonna immediately work but I guess God works in mysterious ways because BALIK BALIK JE TERUS TAK SIHAT. Haha. Enjoy sangat balik rumah sampai terus sakit. I think my body is in too much shock because I'm suddenly HAPPY. You guys should understand that Merbok is a very depressing place.

Anyhow, when I say God works in mysterious ways tu sebab as I was lying on my bed, coughing my throat out, daddy came in my room with news. He got me a freelance writing job for this company (I'm not allowed to say their name for reasons to be mentioned in a bit) writing random stuff on whatever topic they decide to give me. Here's why I can't tell y'all the name of the company I'm currently writing for....

You know how when you're in college/university you have to write all these long essays and thesis? Don't you wish you can pay for someone awesome to write the paper for you instead? Yeah, this is what this company does. Basically people send in topics of their homeworks, pay like less than 50 bucks and people like me, do it for them.

I know it sounds like a shitty job kind of, but really, it's quite awesome because...... If I finish 20 pages or more (around 225 words per page) in one day for 5 days a week, the company will pay me RM 1,500 IN CASH... well at least that's what it accumulates to at the end of the month. Of course I'm not doing THAT much. As if I have so much free time la kan? Haha. I average about 15 pages per day, almost 5 days a week so I get a little less than 1.5k but added to my monthly allowance, is more than enough (: Best part is that I work in the comfort of my own home, dressed in my boxers and baju tido and I'm given 24 hours to write down crap. That's it. Simple kan? It really is a very nice part time work. So thank you daddy (:

So... while I was working on my essay just a few hours ago... I took the time to surf the internet and stumbled upon scholarship applications. I have decided that, if I choose to continue with my law degree... I would like to apply for the BNM Scholarship. The requirements sound simple enough. Under the age of 25, minimum CGPA 3.5 (which was what I was aiming for anyway), passed SPM with credits for BM and English subjects, have CONFIRMED will have a place in a recognised local or private university; which is awesome because I am under the UiTM Pre-Law programme which means that I will DEFINITELY have a place in UiTM, our beloved local Uni and applicant must have good command of the English language for both written and oral. Another reason why I would choose to apply for this scholarship is because they not only offer scholarship for the law program, they also offer this same scholarship for students who are interested in pursuing with Shariah Law which is what I plan to continue studying! How great is that?! :D

Well, that's that. Off to continue my work. Heh. Toodles.

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