Friday, February 26, 2010

Saturdaaaaaaaay oooooooh.

"This is a stick up, give us all your inspirations baby"

I am listening to Saturday by Fall Out Boy, hence, the title.. Not because it is actually Saturday. Now that that is cleared out, let me start for real.

I'm not sure if it's creepy or if it's a good thing that I now blog daily (almost). :O It's not like I'm not tired, but if what a friend say is true, then I must try to use my writing skills as much as I can if I ever want to get out of this writer's block. My eyes are half asleep, but I'm determined to write, plus I need to finish this book.

So let me tell you about today (since I really really have nothing interesting to talk about). I have about two new bruises on my right hand, and currently, I can't twist my right wrist around.. fun. Also, I need to issue a very very big thank you to a Sabrina for being a sweetheart and paying for our dinner tonight (ALL 10 OF US okay!). It must've cost a bomb, considering the number of people who came to join dinner with us after. So thanks again Sab, you don't suck so much sometimes (:

Then yesterday, I realized that if we looked hard enough at the night sky, we'll see that there's plenty of stars we'd usually miss. So there I was, lying under the open night sky, completely in awe God's creation, though at the same time complaining that we hardly ever get to see stars (like plenty of 'em) at night here in the city when I realised that the little, less noticeable stars were twinkling almost violently at me... It was as if they were trying their very hardest for me to notice them. I quietly apologised to the stars and continued admiring the night sky. You people should try it sometime, it makes you feel humbled and reminds you that we sometimes need to stop moving at such a fast pace and stop to smell the roses or in my case; lie down under the open, unbelievably beautiful night sky.

On that note, I shall go to sleep. Work tomorrow. I don't know how Sab's gonna do it on no sleep (part of the reason I declined her offer for tonight... heheeee). Nighty night.

Boyfriend, if you're reading this.. I am so gonna miss running my fingers through your hair when you cut it off :( I wish you luck for that thing! xD See you in your tux soon, love. I love love loveeee you. (:

"Let the leaves fall off in the summer and let December glow in flames"

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