Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dao Of St. Paul

I've had this song on repeat for the past month. I listen to it when I go to work, when I'm at work, when I'm going home from work, during my morning showers and just about a million more times before I finally can fall asleep. It's just one of those songs that you get stuck playing over and over again once you've really heard it. I'll put the lyrics, verse by verse between my update.

In this night, I need to call you but all the lines are blown. If only you knew, how empty I feel. But maybe then you're lonely too, and it's tearing through you like a punctured wound. Maybe no one knows what to do. When we know we're alone in a temporary home. Maybe we'll realize that's a blessing in disguise. A blessing in disguise.

Let's see, works been fine. It's work, nothing much to elaborate on. Thank you to all you sexy people who came to visit me. If you didn't get free ice cream, don't blame me... You all yang leave tiba tiba *coughyakikizhafcough* Hahah. My brother's operation, Alhamdulillah, went splendidly. He's staying over here for a bit, while he recovers (Mama's boy kan). And my not very pregnant anymore sister gave birth to a beautiful but oddly has the same skintone as me boy, named Nur Muhammad Darwisy (: He's a loud, eerily adult baby, nevertheless, still very lovable.

Well don't you know the sound of anger brings a dark result. And every insult is like a lightning bolt. So go home now, oh yeah, you don't have one, to some guy that you don't know. And make a baby, but that won't change my problem though. I spent the last three years setting myself on fire for you. I spent the last three years never knowing if what you say is true. And it'll be this way until one of us dies. Is that a blessing in disguise? It's a blessing in disguise.

On a rather sad note, my sister from another father is leaving for Singapore on the 6th! :( Just two days shy from her birthday, which means we shall ALL be celebrating our birthdays (all four of us hopefully, since kita semua birthday in March) together. Or I'll just celebrate with her and skinny mini since she owes me a meal anyway. *cue evil grin* Therefore, I shall not be going to Paramore since I cannot take another day off from work, which is quite sad. But as I was getting my panties twisted in a bunch after I realized that I'm not going to Paramore, Ira texted to see if I wanted to go to Placebo. I say "FUCK YEAH!" but then again, I may be working on that day *double :(*

And I tell myself what we're living for. And say: rejoice, evermore. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah 'Til one of us dies.

What else, what else. Erm, Haiqal got his hair cut recently, which was weird because he's had long hair all his life! But, comel lah dia with short hair! :D And on that happy note, I saw the boyfriend today.. It was so weird, I had to share this. I didn't know he was coming to visit me at work, and when I saw him walk into the place I think I just froze for a bit. I've missed him so much! :') I bet he didn't know how fast my heart was beating as I rushed towards him for a much needed, warm, loving hug. My heart kept beating really hard and fast the whole time he was there, for some reason, it felt like falling all over again only harder. (: And considering how shitty my day was today, he was like a breath of fresh air after being immersed in dark, murky waters. Love, I still miss you, I love you, and regardless of what happens, especially after tonight, believe me I'm always going to be here for you. Lover, friend, whatever (as you should know, I always stick around). I wish I could've been more help though, with tonight :/ I love you. (:

Well I confess that so far happiness eludes me in my life. You better hurry up if its ever to be mine. Better hurry up now if we're ever gonna find, what we're living for. If it's not you, anymore. I'll learn, To sing: Evermore, rejoice.

I hope everything else in the near future will turn out good. Especially regarding certain complications. Amiiiiin. Anyways, I shall now enjoy being able to not worry what time I should be up tomorrow since it is, my day off from ice cream. :D

Evermore, rejoice


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