Sunday, October 18, 2009

In all my spite, just turn it off.

"You came much closer than they had before. You never stop needing and it's good for nothing."

Caught up with si kering, yes YOU *points finger* the one yang pegi baca my blog depan I -.- Pegi la buat twitter! Boleh gedik gedik. xD Anyways, keesokannya was Addin's open house, caught up with The Herry. :D Anyways, the food was good but the sausages were SO superfuckingdelicious sampai everyone berebut macam anjing liar dapat daging -.- After that went for jamaican shisha, moroccan tea and pineapple barbican. Left early to go geli geli. lol, that rhymes. xD And then today pulak was ou with my fave sibs, for a movie. And then I saw that certain budak skate/small feet :D Terima kasih boyfriend( xD ) kerana membawa that certain small feet-ed(?) boy to come see me, since his arm is still healing.

Annnyways, we saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs... in 3D! Her treat. Thanks a bunch. Love you. (: The movie's pretty good, especially if you ada younger sibs, it's a great movie to watch together.


Moving on.... I always have some philosophical shit all drafted up in my head when I'm out but then bila dah balik and kat depan laptop, POOF, hilang. Memang nice sangat sangat. So instead of philosophising I'm gonna tell you about the musang thingy (well, orang panggil musang, but it doesn't look anything like the fox) yang I saw when we went to Andalus. :/ I was walking to the car and I heard bunyi macam a kitten in pain, it was fucking seram untill a second later when I saw that it was the musang thingy on the electric wires. Kan those things suka jalan on the electric wires so I went and sambung balik jalan to the car. Had to wait for that boy to keluarkan kereta from the parking because I taknak pijak the damp grass in my kebaya... so I pun tengok la the musang thingy thinking 'Why isn't it moving?' After closer inspection, tengok tengok it's head is fucking stuck between the intertwining electrical wires. D': That's why it was crying or screeching because it was asking for help. ): Musang thingy tu wasn't electrocuted, but STILL.... nanti dia tercekik macam mana?? But then there was nothing I... we, could do to help so I tahan my guilt and went into the car. :/ Balik rumah went to sleep and got nightmares of the musang thingy asking me 'WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP ME?!'. Babi seram. Okay, so now you're probably thinking, 'Dude, give me back the 3 minutes of my life I just wasted reading about some musang thingy.' x) Well, too bad. I am not even sorry I'm telling about the musang thingy because the guilt is eating me up.

I guess, that's about it? Oh lupa nak mention bestfriend's open house that happened last week. So itu je la kot. Nothing big, tak ada apa yang eventful sangat since the SPM is eerily getting sooner and sooner everytime I tengok the calendar (well, duh la kan. But what I mean is, tiba2 dah tinggal sebulan) so duduk rumah and jadi budak baik. Tunggu la lepas SPM nanti *cue evil laugh* but for now, I have an add math book waiting in the room with my name plastered all over it.

Until next time lovely/ies. You know i love you. Yes, you. (:


"I'll beg you, beg you. But it's all the same to me" )':

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