Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sepatutnya di spend dengan tido sepanjang hari... instead i slept for an hour and then terus buat banyak keje. dah balik pun it's not like I had a good rest, change clothes and went to Reen's. First thing's first: Reen wants to know where the mulut becok Ryan is. xD So you better ada bila Rynna ajak benda makan makan tu nanti. Anyways, it was my brother's wedding today, currently I don't have my hands on pictures, so I hope I'll get back to that much later in the week. I ate a lot, my feet hurt, malas nak remove the excessive eye make up I have on, and I am now super tired. I didn't know Daniel has ADD, damn depressing I tell you... he kept pulling on my hair. Danish pun macam tak betul sikit. :/ Boy's out with DanDan, watching the freaking Liverpool/Chelsea match (just because you're Chelsea boy, I hope Liverpool wins). Nak smoke, but sleep deprivation is seriously getting to me. It's like I'm stoned while I'm sleepy because I'm too tired. : Speaking of, boy went and drove while he was stoned from Shah Alam to Damansara. Respect laaa. ;D Haha. I didn't realise I was membatu-ing until I was in the car. Hahaha, that was funny, I thought my arms fell off. xD

Eyh boy jom grass lagi? Same place? I like you when you're up high. xD Verrrry, _____. HAHAHAHA.

On another note, don't leave me in the morning when you wake up. now more than ever, i need a companion, a friend to help me wrap this journey up and start a new one. I love you, yeah, YOU. and you (yang perasan tapi takut bukan untuk you tu. hahah).

"Up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness. Cause none of it was worth the risk but you are the only exception."

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