Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm a little drunk, and I need you now

"Drinking 'cause you're looking so good in your Starbucks cup"

Ahoy there matey. (: I haven't been on blogger since forever. Last I wrote here was when I just got to Kedah but now I'm in the middle of my mid sem break and it has been wonderful so far. *grins* But before I update on anything, I just gotta say one thing.. For those haters out there, yeah, you guys, who are sitting there still pathetically reading my blog denying the fact that you are oh-so-obsessed with me please just either shut the fuck up (because if you keep posting hate comments on my blog it just proves that I'm right, that you ARE obsessed with me) OR have the decency to not comment as 'anonymous'; because at least that would mean you still have some form of pride in you. Oh and please, use proper english please... I don't understand idiot language. Thank you very much. (Although, the blog was commented about a month ago so I might already be friends w the 'used to be' haters by now)

Anyhoo, Kedah's actually not that bad if you overlook the fact that it can get really hot there. It also helps that I have good friends I can count on around, but the place itself pun memang isn't that bad. Studying law isn't as easy as people say it was gonna be, like seriously, the things I have to learn are so bloody hard and disturbingly new to me that I cannot even fathom how people manage to memorise these things and practice them, enough to make a living out of it. Assignments for the mid sem break are a pain in the ass, but I think I'll manage to balance between my studies and seeing my lovelies.

Saw the bestfriend for lunch, dinner and also some lovely Wondermilking hari tu. I mean, who can resist free cupcakes and weird drinks that you can only get at Wondermilk right? THANKS AUNTY JAJA! :D We were supposed to be studying economics and law but instead we ended up yapping away, it didn't help that Aunty Jaja served us yummy cookies while we were happily talking about colouring and stuff. Tee heee~

Also saw some of my favourite boys last night.. Didn't expect the night to turn out the way it did though it was still fucking fantastic. Damn I ♥ those boys. Didn't know you guys felt that way about that certain girl, couldn't believe you've been through that much pain, didn't realise how fucking loaded that certain boy is, don't really wanna know about that boy's preferences and stuff. Too bad Man couldn't be there 'cause, boo hoo, he's stuck in Segamat studying. Thanks for coming all the way here guys, and thanks for that great night. For the record, I did miss you Syam.. Just didn't wanna tell you :P Hahahahah.

Spent my day trying to finish my assignments to no avail.. Dah la I left some of my homework in Kedah, so that was smart of me. -.- Lunching with Creeper toms. Untill then. Toodles.


(credits to Aunty Jaja (: )

"My beating heart belongs to you, I walked for miles 'till I found you"

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