Thursday, June 10, 2010

UITM di hati ku.

Woke up at one today realising that I have absolutely nothing to do. Done all my CSC homework, gone through the first chapter of Federal Constitution, and had all my clothes washed, dried and ironed. It has been difficult getting used to the fact that my weeks all start on Sunday and that I am now in a jungle in the middle of a city in fucking Sungai Petani, Merbok, Kedah. I'm not gonna lie, the view here is exceptionally breathtaking and the mornings here are fucking spectacular. But the nights here are still, quiet and dead. I have only been here for about 6 days and already I find myself bored out of my fucking mind. I will never in my life take PJ for granted ever again. I wanna kiss the walls and floors of OU once I get home (hopefully next week).

Here, the search for KL/Selangor people has been very, very difficult. But I managed to find a few that I can actually sit down and have an actual conversation with. There's Puteri, E for short, who comes from Ampang. There's Mimi from Cheras and Man from Bangi. People here don't really like us because we, well, actually I don't know why they don't like us.. But whatever la, aku datang sini nak belajar.

Anyhoo, they have starbucks here in Kedah, which is a definite plus. And eventhough the KL people are rare, they are here and we do have fun, sort of. I have been terribly homesick, undeniably crying in the semi-darkness when my roomie is asleep. I can't believe I missed Aiman's birthday thingy, I can't believe I wasn't there when Dian found out she got the scholarship, I can't believe I'm not there for the world cup with sayang and most importantly Ic can't believe I am not there to savour the two weeks yang my parents tak ada. FUCK. But like everyone keeps saying to me, and me to myself, everything happens for a reason and I will damn well make it through this year and a half alive and get my awesome CGPA and go on to become a succesful, rich person.

But, before I become that succesful person.. God please la help me get through this. MY HEART IS HOMESICK FOR YOU AIMAN DANIAL D': YOU OWE ME A LONG HUGGGGGGG and a wet, wet, WET kiss. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you. I love you, wait for me okay? You better behave yourself baby. I sayang you. (: BTW, memang tak lah UITM di hati ku. -.-

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  1. ahaha, but u're among the first i called masa i dapat tahu i dapat scholars. so no worries, i still dan always ingat kat u. take care Q darl, !