Friday, January 22, 2010

If I just breathe,

"This won't take long, your reign is done. We are the innocent ones"

My fingers have been itching for me to just type out a few things. But words really do escape me, when I am in front of the lappy, dead in the quiet of the night. Although it is quite a nice change being in front of the lappy at night as opposed to having to be asleep early to avoid the oncoming midnight headache, or puking my guts out into the wee hours. Speaking of being sick, the area of the hole where they stuck a big ass needle in and sucked my blood out for testing purposes is still blue... Is it supposed to still be blue? And my arm is STILL sore, is that normal? :/ The same isn't happening to my little brother whom I think had his arm prodded in like, six different veins. Yech.

Anyways, my elder brother on the other hand got admitted into the ward just now... So I guess he's doing worse. I'm not worried though, so you don't be for me. What else is new and different? Oh, had a bunch of gossiping done. That's what happens when girls get together. (x And I realised my boyfriend has this habit of calling me to say lame jokes, which is pretty adorable I must admit. Tee Hee. He surprises me that one, I mean coming into this... I had certain expectations of how he would be.... but then he's never ceased to prove me wrong which is a really, really good thing. You sweetheart. I guess, I don't really have anything more that I can say here. ;) Besides, I need to be up early... A friend is coming over.

Have a good night. xoxo.

P.S. In this moment, life is prettay good. (: Thank you god.

"We live in a beautiful place, let love take away all this pain. Our hearts are as dark as the rain."

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