Wednesday, December 30, 2009


"Still it's you I can't deny"

This boy is like a philosopher I tell you. The way he talks and how he says things, the way his mind works, just boggles me. Wow. Just Wow. He's said some pretty nice things to cheer me up when I'm down some, and he gave me plenty of advice that were actually well thought out for a guy. So I guess, friend, you are kind of the bomb. Thanks. ;D

So he told me today that everyone deserves happiness. Not sure if I believe that because I know a handful of people that I dare say dont deserve happiness. But that's just me eyh? Haha. Anyways, his point was that I deserved mine. He spent 30 minutes emphasizing on that... Which couldve been draggy and annoying, but it was surprisingly the opposite. I loved his choice of words when it comes to explaining about happiness and how we shouldnt let anyone or anything stand in our way of it. I can't recall exactly what he said, but it made something inside me click, for some odd reason lah. I wont go into details about what else he said, but he was right. He voiced everything I felt, that I didnt ever want to admit or hear myself say out loud. So I guess you can say he's my inner voice. HAHA. Good conversation.

He ended with, "Why would you let others punish you for being happy?"

Hmm, there's a thought eh? Bottom line is, if you're happy, nothing could ever bother you right? ...RIGHT.

I'm happy. (: And nothing will bring me down. Despite everything. Everything.

PS: Awesome blog I found. Or rather, she found me. ;)

"Sometimes it just feels better to give in"

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